Why Is WordPress Good For Managing Websites?

Why is WordPress good for managing website content? Considering that WordPress was initially designed as a medium for blogging, it has successfully transferred over to become the world’s most popular content management (CMS) platform for websites. In fact, a lot of people working in this medium think that WordPress is definitely among the most powerful and elegant CMS platforms that gives business owners the ability to manage their own website content. This is one of the main reasons why many web designers suggest using this platform to their clients. The fact that there are so many great looking templates out there that have been designed with WordPress in mind also helps. So, why is WordPress good for managing websites?

Below are a few advantages of why you might want to consider using WordPress yourself:

  • Easy To Edit – As WordPress is a CMS platform it allows users to create and edit content very quickly without the need of uploading files via an FTP.
  • Cost Effective – It costs less to implement this platform than it does most other content management systems because it can be downloaded for free. Even if you choose not to install your blog on your own server, you can still use the WordPress server to host your blog at no charge (although we don’t recommend this for businesses)
  • Versatility – Developers are always creating plugins, both free and paid for, for WordPress that allows even the most basic of novices to go in and add different features to their websites, without having to create any code. Whether you want to add a lightbox photo gallery or a complex form, there are WordPress plugins for those. However you do need to be aware, that some malicious coders hide viruses inside their free plugins that they are giving away, and if you install the wrong one without checking it first, you could be opening up your website and blog to some pretty bad malware.
  • Search Engine Friendly – Use the right SEO plugins and it is easy to get your on-page optimization for website almost perfect. Although there are many off page factors you need to consider in order to get high search engine rankings, having good on-page optimization certainly helps a lot.
  • Easy To Setup – If you have a little experience in creating databases and FTP uploads then installing WordPress on your own server shouldn’t represent too many problems for you, and you can quickly install it in a few minutes. Even if you have none of the above experience and want to have your WordPress website hosted away from the WordPress servers themselves, many third party hosting companies, such as BlueHost, offer a one-click set up, and offer annual hosting at a very low cost.
  • Endless Capabilities – Though full customization of WordPress can be a challenge, there are many professional WordPress development programmers who are capable to offer almost any type of WordPress programming you require.
  • Automatic Updates – Whenever there is a newer version of an installed theme or plugin, WordPress automatically provides notification that they are available to install. The user then has the choice on whether or not to move forward with the upgrade.

Why is WordPress good for managing websites?It isn’t however, all good news  for WordPress. Historically WordPress websites have been plagued by hackers, and without doubt it is the most hacked CMS platform. So important security measures need to be in place to keep out hackers and the bots they use to exploit security flaws in your website. For this reason, if you are business, and rely on your website staying up, and free from Google or FireFox security warnings that scare visitors away from your website, never to return, it might be in your best interest to hire a professional web development company to not only install your CMS, but also to maintain it with regular backups and security updates.

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